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Palace Derossi 1

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Palace Derossi 2

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Palace Derossi 3

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Palace Derossi 4

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Palace Derossi 5

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Palace Derossi 6

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Palace Derossi 7

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Welcome to Palace Derossi

The Derossi palace is a complex of stone houses, situated in the centre of the old town, just a few steps from the town's north gate. The complex is located within an old palace, which contains 6 mansions. The palace is mixture of renaissance and classicism. The interior design of the complex reveals a tasteful décor of different styles and colours, which create a pleasant atmosphere of a modern hotel in an antique palace. You will be able to experience modern and past times within its intact architecture.

It offers luxurious high quality rooms. Some rooms are equipped with antique furniture dating back from 19th century and is part of the family’s inheritance. Depending on their interior differences , the rooms are classified into the following categories: Standard, Comfort, Suite and Royal. It should be emphasised that they offer a secluded and private atmosphere. Every moment spent in the hotel will be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Hotel parking

You can reach the hotel by car only for luggage pick up and drop off. Hotel secure parking is situated 250 meters away and is charged extra

Palace Derossi house gallery